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Bio: Hugh Corner

I’ve had various different jobs over the years. As a university graduate in Manchester, UK, I dipped my toe into finance and sales positions without really finding anything that stuck. The obvious solution, I decided, was therefore to sell most of my worldly possessions and travel across the globe in search of adventure!

During my training to become a qualified English-as-foreign-language teacher, I quickly discovered that this wasn’t just a fun way to travel and see the world; I actually have a knack for it! Helping others to learn and make meaningful improvements to their lives has kept me in the profession ever since.

As a novice, I started teaching K-5 students in South Korea, in which capacity I quickly discovered the importance of being entertaining as well as instructional (if in doubt – make a funny noise). From there I gradually moved up the levels to 5-8th graders, who in turn required a different approach to student engagement and class management.

After that, and following a move to Thailand, I entered the world of adult education by becoming the key teacher in Wall Street English Thailand’s IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test preparation scheme, where I was in charge of delivering classes to both groups and individuals who wished to improve their academic English in order to attend colleges and universities overseas.

After a year or two in that role, I became the manager of both the IELTS program and the Corporate English department, which added curriculum development, staff recruitment and training, and progress-tracking to my list of responsibilities. When COVID19 hit, we had to move all operations online, first using Zoom and then Wall Street’s in-house blended learning platform.

Now, as an experienced teacher, trainer, and program manager with 8 years in learning and development, course and curriculum management, staffing, training, and instructional design, I am excited to use my proven skills in a full-time position in California, USA, where I live with my wife and daughter.

Key Skills

Software Tools I Use

Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Photoshop
Articulate Storyline
Microsoft Office

My mission

Turn Dreams into Reality

To improve e-learning and personal development courses in order to empower people to more clearly define their goals, improve their skills, and realize their ambitions.

By teaching people the skills they need and allowing them opportunities to practice, we can ensure that they can become proficient as efficiently as possible.

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